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Mission Statement

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The mission of Höfn Icelandic Harbour is to assist residents in reaching their maximum state of health and independence in a safe home environment.

Our philosophy is to utilize a social model that emphasizes a team approach with participation from residents, families, staff members and volunteers.

The Board of Directors of The Icelandic Care Home Höfn Society, established May 9, 1947, uphold the spirit of the founding members and their vision for the care of independent seniors.

Icelandic Heritage

Icelandic national custom

Icelandic Harbour is operated by The Icelandic Care Home Höfn Society, which was founded in 1947. Since 1963, the society has provided housing, support and care for seniors at our current location.

The word Höfn has always been a part of our society’s name. Höfn is an Icelandic word which means harbour or safe haven – a fitting name that pays tribute to traditional Icelandic values that ensure elders receive help and refuge.